25 years of SeaStar

Swiss precision and American fun

We convey safety and lifelong enjoyment of the water. American fun and Swiss precision
Course start: January and August

Children's swimming courses

At SeaStar, your children learn how to be safe in the water.

A lifetime of water fun

We also instill a lifelong love of swimming. SeaStar teaches your children the best combinations of Swiss and American swimming styles. They provide a foundation for healthy cardiovascular exercise under low impact.

Swimming is a life skill

Swimming is a life skill that is fundamental to a child's development. It is also a source of pride, achievement and lasting memories in a child's life.

About us

Our swim school combines the best of American fun, enthusiasm and performance with Swiss precision and training techniques.

Course information

At SeaStar Swim School, one certified instructor and two assistant instructors teach 4 to 6 children per class. They are trained and certified lifeguards. 

SeaStar course offer

Safety in the water and complete mastery of the different swimming styles are very important. This requires small classes and sufficient teaching time.

The job of a swimming instructor is a responsible one. It requires not only technical know-how, but also a deep understanding of the needs and progress of the pupils.

Joy and trust

The Telli indoor swimming pool in Aarau is the ideal place for swimming lessons. With modern facilities and a professional team, it not only offers optimal conditions, but also a pleasant atmosphere for the students.

Enjoy learning

Safety First

For children aged 5 and over

Comprehensive swimming school program

At SeaStar we offer a comprehensive swimming school program for children from the age of 5, for beginners as well as advanced swimmers.
Safety & fun

Swimming course at the SeaStar swimming school

Welcome to the SeaStar swimming school - the perfect place for safe and fun swimming lessons in Aarau! In the idyllic Telli indoor swimming pool, we offer a comprehensive range of activities for little water rats from four and a half to five years of age. Of course, this also includes beginners.