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Swimming course at the SeaStar swimming school in Aarau

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Swimming lessons

Welcome to the SeaStar swimming school - the perfect place for safe and fun swimming lessons in Aarau! We offer a comprehensive range of activities for little water rats from four and a half to five years of age in the Telli indoor pool. Of course, this also includes beginners.

What we offer

Child-friendly swimming school for all ages

In order to guarantee individual support, we deliberately keep our classes small. This enables our leaders to respond to the needs of each child and build a personal relationship.

Years of experience

The SeaStar children's swimming courses are led by an experienced swimming instructor. Leaders and assistant leaders are trained and certified lifeguards with a brevet. They refresh the swim lessons for beginners and advanced swimmers each semester and have the ability to create a positive learning environment.

Enjoy learning

At SeaStar, the focus is on having fun while learning. We integrate playful elements into our lessons to motivate the children and encourage them to enjoy swimming. Age-appropriate games and activities turn swimming lessons into an unforgettable experience.

Beginner courses

Even those who can't swim at all are welcome to join us for swimming lessons in Aarau! Our beginners' courses are designed to teach young swimmers the basics of water fun. Here they learn not only how to swim, but also how to trust the element of water.

Progressive learning objectives

Our swimming lessons are progressively structured to ensure that each child can progress at their own pace. From the basics of the water to advanced swimming techniques, we offer a clear progression of learning.

Top priority

Safety first and foremost

The safety of our young swimmers is our top priority. We attach great importance to teaching water awareness and life-saving skills. This is the only way to create a safe environment in and around the water.

Welcome to the Telli indoor swimming pool in Aarau

Dear parents, we cordially invite you to bring your children to the SeaStar swimming school in Aarau. The exciting world of swimming awaits you. We are convinced that our swimming courses are not only educational but also entertaining and will instill a lifelong love of the water in your little swimmers.

The joy of water

Dive in and experience the joy of swimming with us!

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