Dedication and professionalism

Swimming instructor in Aarau at the SeaStar swimming school

Profession swimming instructor

Responsible task

The job of a swimming instructor is a responsible one. It requires not only technical know-how, but also a deep understanding of the needs and progress of the students. At the SeaStar swimming school, which teaches at the Telli indoor swimming pool in Aarau, this profession is practiced with dedication and professionalism.

Responding to the children

The demands placed on swimming instructors here in Aarau are complex. In addition to a sound education in swimming pedagogy, it is essential to be empathetic, patient and communicative.

Ladder & auxiliary ladder

The SeaStar leaders and assistant leaders are trained and certified lifeguards. They all have a lifeguard certificate. They are trained in the SeaStar curriculum and refresh the swimming lessons for beginners and advanced swimmers every semester.

Safety is important

The following aspects are important, among others:

Preparation of the lesson

The everyday life of a swimming instructor at the SeaStar swimming school in Aarau is dynamic and varied. The work often begins with preparing the teaching materials and ensuring that all the necessary equipment is available for the swimming lessons. Checking the swimsuits, swimming goggles and other equipment also plays an important role in ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

We convey safety and lifelong enjoyment of the water.
American fun and Swiss precision unite!

Johanne Ostrov-Ineichen
Certified swimming instructor

Swimming instructor adapts lessons

The actual swimming lessons vary depending on the age group and experience of the children. For beginners, the aim is often to develop a basic understanding of the water, reduce fears and learn the first swimming techniques. Advanced students, on the other hand, are trained in more demanding techniques and prepared for swimming in deeper water. It is crucial to keep an eye on the individual needs and progress of the students in order to be able to adapt the lessons effectively.

Supportive learning environment

Another important aspect of a swimming teacher's everyday life is communication with parents. Regular progress reports and discussions with parents help to create a transparent and supportive learning environment. SeaStar Swimming School attaches great importance to actively involving parents in their children's learning process and giving them tips for support at home.
Develop a love of water

The ideal place for swimming lessons

The Telli indoor swimming pool in Aarau is the ideal place for swimming lessons. With modern facilities and a professional team, it not only offers optimal conditions, but also a pleasant atmosphere for the students. The SeaStar swimming school uses the Telli indoor swimming pool in Aarau as a place where learning to swim is not just limited to technical skills, but also teaches enjoyment and confidence in the water. Overall, the profession of swimming instructor requires not only professional competence and pedagogical skills, but also a great deal of passion for swimming and individual support for the pupils.