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Important questions to ask when choosing a swimming school for your children

 What is the level of swimming education and experience of the swimschool’s founder?

She has the highest degree for swimming instruction from the Swiss governing body, swimsports, Diplomierte Schwimminstructor. This has required years of education, experience and
continuing education throughout her career.
Earlier in her life, she participated in many swimming and artistic swimming competitions at the highest levels in the USA.
After migrating to her family country, Switzerland, she achieved the highest level of Swiss swimming instruction education and then taught in Swiss public schools for 8 years.
She also founded Seastar Swimschool in Aarau in 1998.
Many thousands of Swiss children have learned water safety and swimming in her school and are now life-long swimmers.
She also has the highest Swiss diplomas as a youth and sports instructor, in swimming, artistic swimming and lifeguarding.
The teachers and helpers are trained lifeguards and swimming instructors. They all must have a brevet lifeguard certificate. They are also trained with the Seastar curriculum and refreshed every semester in basic and advanced swimming instruction. They have all graduated from being Seastar swimming students themselves and so have an intrinsic understanding of the Seastar curriculum (created from 50 years of successful instruction and experience from teaching many thousands of students).

How old is the swim school?

The Seastar Swimschool has been successfully teaching students for 24 years. Next year we will celebrate our 25th anniversary!

How long is each lesson?

Seastar lessons are 45 minutes long, not just 30 minutes like most other swim schools.
This gives enough time for fun warm-up games and exercises, then 35 minutes for class instruction and review. This totals 9 hours per level which is the recommend time for learning these skills as established by Swiss Swimsports (

What is the Philosophy of the swim school?  

Seastar Swimschool combines the best of American fun and enthusiasm with Swiss precision and training with a total focus on water safety and life-long swimming skills.
Each lesson has 4 components:

  1. Safety
  2. Have fun
  3. Learn new skills
  4. Get tired

How much does the swimschool cost per hour?

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"Ich höre und ich vergesse,
ich sehe und ich erinnere mich,
ich mache und ich verstehe."

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5000 Aarau
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