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At SeaStar Swim School, one certified instructor and two assistant instructors teach 4 to 6 children per class. This applies to the first 5 levels of swim lessons (crab to octopus) when children need the most personalized instruction. At the higher levels, class size is limited to an average of 6 to 8 children per certified leader.

We have a lot of experience

In 1998, Johanne Ostrov-Ineichen founded the SeaStar Swimming School in Aarau to put her experience and philosophy into practice in her own curriculum. An enormous number of children have learned swimming and water safety at her school and are now safe swimmers for life.
Trained & certified

Leaders, leaders & lessons

The SeaStar managers

The SeaStar leaders and assistant leaders are trained and certified lifeguards. All have a lifeguard certificate.

Trained according to curriculum

They are trained in the SeaStar curriculum and refresh the swimming lessons for beginners and advanced swimmers every semester. All of them have completed the SeaStar swimming school themselves and are therefore very familiar with the curriculum.


Each lesson consists of 4 components:


In the idyllic Telli indoor pool, we offer a comprehensive range of activities for little water rats of all ages. This also includes beginners.

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