Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

We offer, 2 sessions of 12 lessons each year, January and August. We follow the Aarauer school holidays.
Registrations can be made by phone or e-mail and are binding. Registrations are considered in the order received. It is important to register promptly as most openings have several students waiting. Students and their siblings who wish to attend a continuation course will be considered first. If no resignation is offered, students are automatically registered for their continuation course. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation with all information about the course time and the course location. The confirmation is accompanied by a payment slip, which must be paid within 30 days. A family price reduction for a third child is available.

In the case of cancellations, no-shows: For cancellations no later than one week before the start of the course, a basic fee of CHF 50.- will be charged. For later cancellations or no shows the whole course fee will be charged.

In the case of an of illness of a minimum of 3 weeks, with a doctor’s certificate, a credit for the missed lessons will be given. This credit will be applied for the next lesson session. No credits are paid in cash.

If a course instructor is unavailable, the Seastar Swimming School can change course instructor or substitute. Non-attended lessons are not eligible for a refund.

The swimming courses are in the Telli, the swimming pool entrance fee is not included. A 12x ticket (30.00 CHF) is recommended. Accompanying persons can obtain a companion card from the lifeguard for 25 minutes. If the 25 minute time is exceeded the carer will be required to pay 6.- If the escort wants to watch or swim, a normal entry ticket must be purchased. If the escort wants to watch or swim, a normal entry ticket must be purchased.

Street shoes and clothes are not allowed in the indoor pool.

No course fees will be refunded for courses, which cannot be carried out due to natural causes (eg. disruption to operations, pool closing, natural forces).

For the size of the groups we adhere to the recommendation of swimsports.ch, SLRG and bfu. There are no swimming aids used (water wings).

The breaks between the lessons are very tight; therefore, the instructor does not always have time to answer all questions in between lessons. But you are welcome to call 079’931’53’75.

Insurance is the responsibility of the participants.

The children are supervised only during the swim lesson. Children who cannot swim by themselves, or are under 10 years of age, must be supervised by an accompanying adult. At the end of each lesson, the children will be handed over by the course instructor to the accompanying person.

Children from the 2nd class on please use the appropriate changing rooms!

Adult swimming lessons – (on request).

Price changes as well as changes in the general terms and conditions are subject to change.

General Terms and Conditions 1.1.20

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