Courses offered

We are now accepting applications for January 2024

We offer, 2 sessions of 12 lessons each year, January and August. We follow the Aarauer school holidays.

We teach Saturday mornings in the Telli Hallenbad, all level classes. Mermaiding takes place during the summer holidays.

We teach according to the guidelines of and The American Red Cross.

Course prices

The swimming courses are taught in the Telli (CHF 315.00 per course, 12 lessons of 45 minutes each) the swimming pool entrance fee is not included. A 12x ticket (CHF 30.00) is recommended. Accompanying persons can obtain a companion card for 25 minutes at the Pool Supervisor desk. If the accompanying person wants to watch or swim, a normal entrance ticket must be obtained.

We offer a family reduction price for the 3rd child.


"Ich höre und ich vergesse,
ich sehe und ich erinnere mich,
ich mache und ich verstehe."

Johanne Ostrov-Ineichen
5000 Aarau
+41 79 931 53 75